Use of the program update verification in cybersecurity.

For security or functionality reasons, a program or application should receive an update periodically. Here we will explain what a program update is about.

There is a high risk for companies to expose themselves by not updating their programs. Failure to update them would serve as a gateway for cybercriminals to access the devices and consequently infect them, inactivate them, commit crimes and extract confidential information; so it is extremely important to have a program update.

It should be known that the longer a program has without updating, the longer we are exposed to any malware or cyber threat taking advantage of vulnerability and our device or equipment being controlled by the attacker.

However, most applications currently have an option to update a system automatically, in this way, you can have the programs updated with the latest version and there will be no need to verify if it has the latest version of the software or if there is a new update available.

program update
program update

Concept of program update.

The program or program update consists of launching a new version of a program or software to which new functionalities are added and errors present in previous versions are solved.

These updates are created by the program developers themselves. Many applications include automatic updates. In case the update has to be done manually, it is necessary to verify the source from which this new version of the software comes.

Like any other product, software has a life cycle and by the time this cycle ends, the software would be out of date. From that moment on, the attackers would take advantage of it to attack the program and cause severe damage.

Objetive of program update

The main objetive of program update is to guarantee the security of our data and systems and to avoid computer failures or attacks by third parties. Another objective of the program update is to correct errors and access new and improved features that make the application or program more useful. It is important that from time to time the existence of a new version of a software that we are using is checked and proceed to install them safely and reliably.

 Types of program updates

There are two types of updates, the update and the upgrade.

 The update presents the following characteristics:

  • Makes minor changes to the software
  • Fix bugs and improve the performance of existing functions
  • It is the same software, this time improved
  • They are automatic
  • Installs quickly, is lightweight, and addresses specific areas of a program or application
  • They are easy to install
  • They are usually free

The upgrade, on the other hand, has the following characteristics:

  • Produces major changes in software
  • They add new capabilities and produce important changes in their interface
  • It is a new software that replaces the previous one.
  • They are installed at a very slow speed due to the fact that they contain a complete program or application and it is installed from scratch
  • Its difficulty to install is greater than the updates, and it presents several options to select
  • The process is user initiated.
  • They are paid.

What are program updates for? What do they do?

In this section  we will cite three reasons why program updates exist:

  1. Correction of security vulnerabilities

90% of program and operating system updates are aimed at correcting security vulnerabilities. These security flaws are generally exploited by malware or intruders to access systems. While malware damages files, uses computers to send spam and unwanted advertising, intruders can use malware for the same purposes and can also steal sensitive personal and business information for misuse.

  1. Bug fixes

All programs released by companies inevitably have a flaw or detail. These programs are not perfect and may fail in the future. Because of this, when people start to use the program, it often happens that they subject it to extreme situations of use where problems that the developers had not foreseen come to light. Thanks to these updates, the errors detected by the users are notified and later corrected, in order to prevent the program from malfunctioning.

  1. Product improvements

They are considered more visible updates compared to the previous two. These enhancements focus on the development of new features, a revamp of the visual style, or an improvement in performance or compatibility with a new device or hardware. These updates are the simplest, least critical and are very practical, thus improving the productivity of users while using the program.

What is the best time to check for and install software updates?

In a short sentence: all the time.

It can be a somewhat cumbersome activity; however, there are many more advantages of a program update. When we apply a program update, the operation of the program improves, works as it should and the episodes of failures decrease.

Another point is that when updating a program, you should not worry about focusing your attention on this activity, since there are currently mechanisms that allow the automatic installation of the update on devices, thus reducing the need for user intervention and reducing the probability of human errors during the process.

Some advices

Knowing the importance of updating programs or software; we proceed to give some tips to keep you safe:

  • It is essential to keep your software updated, since in this way your program will be protected against threats
  • When updating the software of your mobile devices and computers, preferably select automatic update. On the other hand, if the update cannot be done automatically, check and apply the latest and available updates
  • When downloading any software, it is important to read the opinions and reviews of other users before installing it. Cybercriminals tend to distribute fake apps with the intention of stealing information
  • It is recommended to install updates when publishing them.
  • Stay informed about the latest threats to know how to protect yourself from them.
  • Use software or applications that have security updates.

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