Spyware: how far does privacy go?


Spyware is among us, learn how to protect your sensitive information from malware! Privacy is undoubtedly one of the human rights that we have, the protection of our information, as well as the free expression of information by consensus is essential to us, each person has the freedom to choose how much and what information […]

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Regret Locker the malware of 2020.

The malwares are always on the lookout, find out more about the Regret Locker. The hard disks of our computers are perhaps the most important part to us, since in that place we store any valuable information about our work, memories, important documents etc. There are text files, Word documents, images and videos that are […]

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Data encryption and ransomware, Watch out!

Ransomware and data encryption, find out how it poses a threat to organizations and how you can be safe! For many authors, the greatest asset of a company is the information, they represent an important value like other assets, and likewise its loss represents consequences for the same one.These assets vary from credentials, product licenses, […]

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