New threats to organizations, data encryption and ransomware. How safe are you?

For many authors, the greatest asset of a company is the information, they represent an important value like other assets, and likewise its loss represents consequences for the same one. These assets vary from credentials, product licenses, personal employee data, and customer data. Healthcare companies have been a target for ramsoware attacks for some time […]

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Should companies fix low rated vulnerabilities?

Nowadays, computer security is essential for all types of companies. For this reason, many techniques have been developed to carry out a vulnerability analysis in order to avoid the spread of threats within the organization. Every year organizations around the world rely more and more on the use of sophisticated hardware and software products to […]

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Attacking and defending, who wins?

Companies have been constantly evolving, calling for adaptation to new digital media to ensure their competence. In previous times companies had preventive measures for attacks by hackers, however with the advance of technology these cyber criminals have reinvented their way of attacking and these attacks are increasing in difficulty. So come with me to discover […]

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