Data leakage: How did you know that?

Data leakage

Want to destroy someone? Reveal their secrets, let’s look at data leakage and how it affects people’s lives both organizationally and personally. Information has always been a resource of great value for people in many ways, and throughout the years, it has become easier to get. Technology and Internet have contributed to make information much […]

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Digital Transformation and its influence on IT Security.

Digital Transformation

How the digital transformation has influenced humanity; including also computer security and many other aspects. Find out in this article! Everything is growing, evolving, and modernizing. The efficiency with which changes in the environment of daily life occur is increasingly rapid. The digital transformation is the main cause of this change; since technology is integrated […]

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Hacking attack. The “Lazarus Group” and Covid-19.

Hacking attack

A group of cyber-criminals conspires in favor of the pandemic and the Covid? Learn more about the “Lazarus Group” and the most controversial hacking attack. Almost a year after the Covid 19 pandemic was declared in the world; the desire for a cure or a vaccine that would allow everything to return to normal is […]

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The quantum computer and cybersecurity.

The quantum computer

Quantum computer involve total security, but at the same time absolute vulnerability. How is this paradox possible? Read on and find out! But have you heard about superposition of states? Qubit? These two are basic terms regarding quantum computing; the new paradigm of computing that has been developing for four decades; and seeks to revolutionize […]

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Cybersecurity: the misuse of our personal data.

personal data

For many companies our personal data is of great value; even without knowing it. Let’s learn about cyber security and how to protect our privacy. Every day we upload millions of personal files to the Internet, from documents, images, photographs; or simply information stolen without our consent. Although in general; we think that when we […]

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Cyber Threat Intelligence. Be ready for any fight.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Setting up the defenses to protect your company. Learn about Cyber Threat Intelligence and how it can save your information. Intelligence is one of the most remarkable evolutionary achievements that life has allowed to occur. The capacity to adapt, plan, and respond to the environment for survival, are our defining features; therefore, there is no […]

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IT security: some basic cybersecurity tips for employees.

tips for employees.

You are as responsible for the safety of the company as the boss, and by following these cybersecurity tips for employees you can start reinforcing it. Can you imagine that one day you arrive at work and find that the company’s data has been stolen and you are responsible for it because you downloaded a […]

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Watch out for the backdoors.


Once your website has been hacked, it’s most common for the hacker to be able to access your site again in the future, and this is through a website backdoors. This basic knowledge is necessary if you are a web programmer or have a website; not knowing it could be the source of many headaches […]

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Regret Locker: How to delete it

Regret Locker

The year 2020 left many things, especially for computers; one of them was the malware known as regret locker. Learn a little more about it. The year 2020 saw several advances in the world of computing and technology; after all, thanks to the pandemic many activities were no longer conducted in person; but online. And […]

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Pentest. How they can help your company.


Everything that can be tested, will be tested. Every time you go to buy something; you want to be 100% sure that what you bought works properly. If you want to buy a car, you take it for a test drive. If you buy new clothes, you try them on to see how they look […]

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