Zero-day attacks, a real headache for cybersecurity.

Zero-day attacks

In the world of cybersecurity, there are certain threats that tend to play on the unknown; such as zero-day attacks. Find out all about this threat. When we think of attacks in cybersecurity, we probably think mainly of ransomware, phishing or virus attacks. However, there are other types of threats that attack in a different […]

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Autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity and the dangers.

Autonomous vehicles

The future of automobiles is changing, so we must be prepared. Learn more about the cybersecurity of autonomous vehicles. As the years go by, the automotive industry is updating itself by creating more and more cars with important updates in their structures; in this case, autonomous cars have a large number of connections between the […]

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Captcha and why it is not so secure nowadays.


Nowadays millions of web pages have adopted captcha for their security and preventive measures, but why is it not considered as secure these days? At the moment the captcha is one of the most used web security mechanisms; it has many presentations and it seems to have proved to be effective. On the other hand, […]

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4 of the most common cyber threats and their solutions.

cyber threats

In other articles we have analyzed various threats. However, this time we will review 4 of the most frequent cyber threats and their If we talk about cyber threats, the number of them is very wide; some are more complex, others are simpler. All of them have the capacity to put the integrity of computers […]

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How to secure wifi from hackers and other dangers

How to secure wifi

In this day and age, wifi is indispensable for all walks of life, which has brought with it dangers. So learn how to secure wifi from hackers. All of us who have a wireless internet network at home or work know the importance of how to secure wifi. It is important to keep the use […]

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The sandbox: what is it and how can it help you?


In the fight against malware attacks there are many solutions available; among them is sandboxing. Find out more about sandbox and how it can help you. In previous articles we have mentioned a lot of ways to protect ourselves against malware; from penetration testing, to recommendations for employees; but it is always wise to update […]

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Source code review: your company’s security first.

Source code review

Source code review is a tool that can really save you from a lot of things, read on and find out the benefits it has for your company. If we review many of the statistics on cybersecurity that we get on the Internet, we can realize that many of the attacks are aimed at web […]

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Stronger security: authentication beyond passwords.

Stronger security

Stronger security is always necessary, and sometimes the classic password is not enough. But fear not, other methods will help you a lot. Access to a company’s devices and user accounts should ideally involve the highest possible security level, at least stronger security than access to a public forum on the web requires. Strong and […]

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The largest data breaches of the century.

data breaches

Data is precious in this information age. Therefore, some steal it. Read on and find out the most significant data breaches of this century. Data is one of the most valuable assets of any company. So we live in a world where there are many benefits, including economic benefits, to be gained from information. The […]

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The Stolen Identity modern issue. What can cybersecurity do?

Stolen Identity

Internet and information. The more we expose ourselves, the more information can be taken from us. Beware of stolen identity. The advent of the Internet has been a phenomenon of great importance for mankind; being one of the most useful tools we have at our disposal. Therefore its use allows us to share a large […]

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