Welcome to Demyo!

Install software

Demyo email. Go to mail.demyo.com and use information I will provide you via telegram to login. Use this email to everything that relates to Demyo.

Yaware time tracker – Elena will help you to set it up, it has to be via invite by email. If you download from the website directly it will not work. For now please disregard time categorization, such as productive, non productive – all time counts toward your payment if you work for Demyo during this time. If you are inactive for 5 minutes, tracker will stop counting time. It also makes screenshots.

Bitwarden – password manager

Zoom – meetings software

Working hours

Work on the target business hours, so if you are selling to USA EST you work USA EST and so on.

Working days are typically business days, however you can work on weekends as well, the only difference for weekends – upper management might be unavailable if you have any questions.


Paypal or Zelle – your choice, I can also pay via Venezuela Workers site (if that’s where you have a profile, however it is not convenient for me and I would like not to do it if I can). Payment is every 2 weeks with 1 weak delay. So for example for the period of September 1st – September 15th you will be paid on September 22nd. Period for September 16 September 30 will be paid October 7.

Means of sale: phone call, email, text messages, social media, and anything else you can come up with. You will get 10% commission based on sales + a payment for each hour as agreed.

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