Welcome to Demyo!

Install software

Demyo email. Go to and use information I will provide you via telegram to login. Use this email to everything that relates to Demyo.

Time tracker – Elena will help you to set it up, it has to be via invite by email. For now please disregard time categorization, such as productive, non productive – all time counts toward your payment if you work for Demyo during this time. If you are inactive for 5 minutes, tracker will stop counting time. It also makes screenshots.

Bitwarden – password manager

Zoom – meetings software

Working hours

Start early in the morning, this is because I am 7 hours ahead of you. If you can start at 6AM in the morning it is good, if you can start even earlier – it is even better. Working days are typically business days, however you can work on weekends as well, the only difference for weekends – I might be unavailable if you have any questions.


BCH aka Bitcoin Cash. Payment is every 2 weeks with 1 weak delay. So for example for the period of September 1st – September 15th you will be paid on September 22nd. Period for September 16 September 30 will be paid October 7.