Konferenco 2022, the Monero conference comes to Lisbon.

The Monero conference (Konferenco) arrives in Lisbon this 2022, people from all over the world united by the same interest meet in the same place.

In the world of technology, we can find a lot of people whose mission is to inform about hundreds and hundreds of topics. In this case the monero conference (Konferenco) is one of the largest in the field of digital economy; where people from different parts of the world expose security issues within digital transactions. So stay and learn more about Konfrenco the Monero conference.


What is Monero (XMR)?

Monero is a cryptocurrency focused on private and uncensored transactions. What this means is that most other cryptocurrencies work through blockchains; this means that transactions made with these cryptocurrencies are traceable by users. Therefore, it hints that addresses and user information are linked to people in the real world.

Monero is the third cryptocurrency with the most developers, only behind Bitcoin, Ethereum; first of all, its special privacy has attracted cypherpunks (but we will talk about them) and other users who need a cryptocurrency that is really secure. On the other hand, as for the legality of the currency, since it is completely decentralized, there is no jurisdiction in charge of regulating it. Likewise, there are no more bank transfers, no more interest, no more check clearing fees; likewise, there are no long asset lock-in periods, no refunds for fraudulent transactions.

What makes Monero so special?

Mainly that it is a completely confidential and untraceable cryptocurrency; this is because all users are anonymous by default. This means that both the identity of the sender and the recipient are hidden by three main technologies: Hidden addresses, ring signatures and RingCT.

Another special aspect of Monero is that it is always updating its security measures; in addition, its entire team of researchers and developers is constantly working to bring new and better technology to its users. It currently has more than 500 developers worldwide and has a forum and chat channels in which anyone can participate; finally in this way, topics of interest that can be useful for the community are managed.

The Monero cypherpunks

It is a group of people who advocate the widespread use of cryptocurrencies; likewise, their idea is based on technologies that improve privacy and set the course for socio-political change. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a community that has gone unnoticed; it started communicating through e-mails in the 80s.

Within this movement, a mailing list was also created where it could be said, it gave way to the foundation of this group; after this, by 1994 it had more than 700 subscribers, considered its highest point; it could be said that this was a very active forum, with discussions full of technicality, mathematics, cryptography, politics, philosophy; among many other really interesting topics of discussion.

Monero and mining

On the mining side, Monero has developed “P2Pool”. This is a peer-to-peer mining pool that was developed from 0, mainly by sech1 (SChernykh). Therefore, this one has a particular operation, as it combines solo and pool mining. In the same way, this was initially created for the blockchain, although it was never used for this purpose due to certain technical difficulties that arose.

P2Pool does not have a central server from which you can disconnect; this is because it uses blockchain to separate your mine from the Monero mine. Likewise, it also has no group administrator to decide rates or who can use it and who can’t; this means it is free.

As for the payments, these are passed daily to the miner’s wallet; since, unlike others, there is no shared wallet; the funds are not guarded or monitored. On the other hand, it uses a payment plan type “PPLNS” has a 0% commission and the lowest minimum payment is 0.0004 XMR; this due to the miner’s transaction reward format; which means that it is really efficient in front of the users.

Some features are:

Free: there is no moderator or other entity in charge of deciding who enters the pool and who does not.

Fast blocking times: 1 second maximum.

Decentralized: there is no mother server that can block or close the pool at any time.

Private: each pool is password protected, which makes it more secure.

There can be blocks of 3: this is to avoid orphan blocks and all shares are counted.

What are Konferenco?

The Monero Konferenco is an academic conference held annually. Privacy advocates, such as scientists, philosophers, information security specialists, etc., participate. It is usually attended by people from all over the world. This conference is sponsored by generous donors within the community; all with the aim of creating scientific input into the world of digital economy and uncensored security. This year’s conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.

Talking a bit more in depth about the sponsors; as we mentioned before, they are part of the community. Specifically they are; Tri labs, which sponsors the NDC used for the monero web; on the other hand, we have symas, which funds the CTO who is in charge of the monero code base; also this Fork Networking sponsors a specific server used for development; besides MacStadium sponsors a resource for Mac development.

Other sponsors include:

  • Cypherpunk Heroes
  • Rhino
  • IVPN
  • Cicada Bank
  • Sweetwater
  • Nicolas Van Saberhagen
  • Cicada Bank
  • Cake Wallet

Speakers at this year’s Konferenco

  • Doug and Sunita
  • Howard Chu
  • Konrad Baechler
  • Alex Anarcho
  • Geoff Goodell
  • Edwin Den Boer
  • Simin Ghesmati
  • Lucas Parker
  • Justin Ehrenhofer
  • Haruto Yamamoto
  • Mr. P, Free
  • Juraj Bednar
  • Marc Meillas Soux
  • Francisco Cabañas
  • Pavol Wilder Luptak
  • Martin Harriga
  • Liam Lollipop
  • Andrea Togni

This annual conference is very interesting and full of valuable information; everyone who is interested in the world of private transactions, decentralized cryptocurrencies, etc; is welcome to this conference, we are sure it will be of great contribution to your knowledge. Be sure to come; here are some images of the conference:

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