The Importance of Computer surveillance.

Monitor your information and technology efficiently; avoid scams, encryption and theft. Don’t be vulnerable to attacks and learn about computer surveillance.

Human beings have always been careful in protecting what is valuable to them; as an instinct that goes from protecting the weakest in the group to taking care that their objects or income are separated from others. This is not surprising, since, throughout their history; humans have had to defend themselves from many kinds of dangers to survive and be here (writing this). That is why it is important to analyze the following points about computer surveillance.

On the other hand; technologies have shown significant advances in a very short time. They have become cheaper and increasingly simple and easy to use (although still complex); so that the use of digital information is now more attainable for users all over the world. However; being attainable is both beneficial and harmful; due to the constant development of dangerous malware by criminals; and although new security measures have also been developed; people never cease to be vulnerable.

As the fight to protect information will not stop; there will be no end to malware; we must always be alert to any type of problem and be constantly updated; above all, we must be aware of any malware procedure, as it can be harmful to our company or database; and we must also ensure that it does not steal any information or infect any device. This is why in this post we will be talking about technology surveillance, and how preventing and anticipating any type of attack can be the difference between losing everything and feeling safe.

Computer surveillance
Computer surveillance

What is a computer surveillance and what is it about?

Technology watch is an ordered and selective process that permanently seeks to collect information from outside the organization, concerning technology and computer science; selecting and analyzing it for proper decision making, risk reduction; and to be able to anticipate change. It is a business practice that brings together different techniques and models of analysis, for the monitoring and collection of digital information; which also leaves us the analysis of the competitive environment of the company.

From this point of view; surveillance develops a competitive role to fit in the outside, in proportion to what the environment demands; whether it is wanting to develop technologies to create new markets or to overcome the competition. But surveillance also has an internal role with the company, especially if it has suffered attacks before; because if these analysis processes are applied from the inside, it is possible to develop strategies to reduce internal vulnerability; and also to protect information and defend against any external threat.

How cyber-crooks take advantage of corporate vulnerabilities

Security researchers report that several of the main threats that companies have today come from old malware; are designed to exploit vulnerable systems that companies could easily patch. In reality, cyber-crooks prefer old vulnerabilities.

Other reports show that old malware is still capable of causing problems in the most up-to-date networks of several companies. There is a botnet called “Mirai”; which was responsible for the destruction of computer networks in 2016; and by 2019 it was reported to have been used again for corporate attacks. Because of its reputation and detrimental effects, organizations should create containment systems for this malware, but today it continues to be a threat to companies around the world.

This type of old malware is still a threat because they have active teams of developers working on them at all times. They range from simple viruses to complex botnets with advanced modes; developing capabilities to deliver multiple malicious loads. This using worm-like capability and easily evading detection by manipulating log files.

These criminals can pay to access and infect millions of devices, attacking victims and releasing malware within the company; and with little effort, they manage to open a gap in the network; which also opens up the possibility of offering rescue software, becoming a serious and ongoing threat to organizations.

What measures need to be taken to keep computer surveillance safe

In the area of cybersecurity; allowing you to manage the prevention of attacks and external threats; is of vital importance to protect any sensitive information that your company has. These surveillance actions, whose role is to analyze the processes to combat possible criminal invasions, must be carried out by cybersecurity professionals. Below; we will leave some measures that these professionals should take into account when dealing with these issues:

  • Update and secure endpoint devices; workers should use personal devices to connect remotely to company resources; also, ensure that these are properly patched and protected against any type of infected device within their home network.
  • Checking that e-mail entries are secure; although one of the main attack vectors is browsers, e-mails are a possible entry point for malware. Their maintenance must ensure the detection, identification, and elimination of infected files; as well as being updated to detect previously unknown threats.
  • Inspect VPN traffic; criminals target VPN channels for a purpose; extracting data and distributing malware because containment methods are not powerful enough to check data traffic entering and leaving the network. Consideration should be given to replacing firewalls with devices that can check traffic in an encrypted manner; also to avoid creating weaknesses in applications and important business workflows.

An overview of surveillance should be adopted.

Organizations should not only focus on the latest threat trends. Companies must adopt a vision that encompasses all aspects of their development; in terms of security and surveillance, this means that their network environment must allow the management and visualization of their entire distributed network; in the same way; attack vectors must be included; all through a single approach. Having a clear perspective of past attacks to work on better defenses and correct previous mistakes; is a preparation for any attack that may occur in the future. Being always alert is the best prevention.

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