Digital Transformation and its influence on IT Security.

How the digital transformation has influenced humanity; including also computer security and many other aspects. Find out in this article!

Everything is growing, evolving, and modernizing. The efficiency with which changes in the environment of daily life occur is increasingly rapid. The digital transformation is the main cause of this change; since technology is integrated into more areas of our lives, in the social, labor/business; and on many occasions, in the way we consume products daily.

Education is an example, where today anyone can find subjects and degrees that did not exist 20 years ago. The changing needs of all of us, and the resources to meet them, are everywhere and allow us to adapt to specific situations; as in the case of the pandemic caused by Covid 19. Technology has allowed us all to change the way we work, educate ourselves, and communicate with others.

All of the above is the subject of this article; the digital transformation. The applications that are developed today, continue to leave important antecedents for the improvement of our lives; and the field of computer security is not left behind, since; with each new company or business that ventures into the web; the design of strategies for the security and protection of information, has an important place in the maintenance and sustainability of these businesses; so that is the importance of us understanding this since it involves us all.

Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation?

The digital transformation is a process based on the use of digital technology; which aims to integrate technologically in the usual processes of companies, culture, and experience with customers of these companies; to change or create new work plans from scratch. The reinvention of companies through the application of digital resources is also a form of digital transformation.

Thus, companies and businesses use new and efficient methods that generate a change in the way they operate and function; such as moving from calculating with paper and calculators to using a spreadsheet; or moving from serving customers in person; to serving them through an online store using an application. We still manage the finances and we still serve the customers; but the overall experience in which we do so is modified, digitized; which means changes in both the customer experience and the business.

Ways in which technological digitalization occurs.

There are several ways in which you can implement technological digitalization in your company or business; and many of these changes have occurred in front of us; without knowing that we were witnessing this. Below; we will show you several examples of how the digitalization process has caused significant changes in the way we live:

We simplify the work: More than changing the way we do business; or generating new types, it’s about making the processes simpler, and making them faster and more accessible. For example; if we take customer service in a call center, or in a retail store; the technological resources allow companies to easily locate customers; in digital databases in a computer, and even solve any inconvenience remotely; saving time and generating better services, without changing the customer service functions.

We interact with customers: Digitalization allows the creation of personal experiences for customers. Social networks deliver advertising to users based on what they do on their platform, which is stored in digital databases; making the Internet an effective method for capturing and offering products to customers.

The interaction of customers

The way customers interact with the product also changes; there are a large number of Internet stores where the person does not even have to leave his house; being the web pages the bridge between the consumer and the company. However; although digitalization is innovative in every way; it opens the door to computer attacks in companies and businesses that depend mainly on these media. It is always important that we think of ways to keep your business safe.

The importance of IT security in the digital transformation

Today, all companies or businesses, whether new or existing; have a direct relationship with the virtual environment; which allows us a connection through partners, suppliers, employees, and customers; which is both useful and has many advantages, as mentioned above; but also offers several security points, which you should take into account.

Digitalization is not only the technology with which things are done; but also the processes within companies, as well as their strategies and corporate culture. As more servers, databases, software, and online exchange media are developed; the holes in the security of a company’s network system become larger; making it more difficult for IT departments to respond to these issues quickly and appropriately.

For us to deal with this problem; we have to make a change in our mentality, and in the way, companies handle the security field. Many times, executives do not understand the need to update the technologies they have used for years; ignoring the fact that the greater the amount of information, the more likely it is that failures will occur. With few trained professionals in the security field, they cannot afford to work with outdated programs; especially with malware, that always needs to be controlled.

In conclusion

For security to work effectively, and to be able to defend any threat against the company; it must be seen as an important part of the company; and not something external to its needs, and working together. Also, to do this; suppliers must understand that the efficiency of security depends on the importance given to the process.

We propose that both Operational Development (DevOps) and IT work together. In this way; products are released quickly, ensuring that the risks of the organization do not increase due to hasty releases. Also, this could help organizations to make a real digital transformation; allowing them to remain efficient and innovate so that companies can obtain greater benefits.

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