Watch out for the backdoors.


Once your website has been hacked, it’s most common for the hacker to be able to access your site again in the future, and this is through a website backdoors. This basic knowledge is necessary if you are a web programmer or have a website; not knowing it could be the source of many headaches […]

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Regret Locker: How to delete it

Regret Locker

The year 2020 left many things, especially for computers; one of them was the malware known as regret locker. Learn a little more about it. The year 2020 saw several advances in the world of computing and technology; after all, thanks to the pandemic many activities were no longer conducted in person; but online. And […]

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Pentest. How they can help your company.


Everything that can be tested, will be tested. Every time you go to buy something; you want to be 100% sure that what you bought works properly. If you want to buy a car, you take it for a test drive. If you buy new clothes, you try them on to see how they look […]

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Keep your gaming account safe.

gaming account safe

The gaming experience is wonderful, but do we really know the computer dangers that lurk? Stick around and find out how to keep your gaming account safe. Back in the day, in a time without internet; videogames were as simple as plugin your console to the TV and that was it, you were able to […]

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The attack on SolarWinds seems to be pretty bad so far.


The super nova attack on SolarWinds has forced the company to tighten its security, find out what happened! SolarWinds has suffered a large scale attack that has put several giants in the IT and software industry on the spot; this company is a name that is perhaps unknown or lost among the largest software vendors […]

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Security in the internet of things: business.

internet of things

The Internet of things (loT) is becoming more and more present in organizations and business, but it attracts with it an imminent risk. There is much talk today about the Internet of things; this is a resource that has been exploited and has been very efficient in various areas; however the Internet of things has […]

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5G technology and its risks.

5G technology

The new 5G technology has been a significant advance in the way we communicate, but are there really risks in this innovative network? The new 5G mobile technology promises to be innovative in the advancement of communication, data speed and connection; as well as the interconnection of our homes and devices in real time; it […]

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Cybersecurity in distance education.

distance education

Cybersecurity in distance education, something the world was not prepared for. Stick around and learn about the new normal in studying and its dangers. The distance education has been a modality of study that has transcended with the time; many universities have offered this mode of study to facilitate the learning process for students. Normally […]

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The importance of security in crypto currencies.

crypto currencies

How to keep our money safe? Crypto-currencies and IT security, two things that should definitely go together in every way. Find out why it’s so important! Crypto currencies arise from the need for a payment method that is transparent, secure, independent; and not subject to political influence. With the advance of technology and the deployment […]

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Elections, pandemic and cybersecurity.


Will this be the future of elections after the pandemic? A look at cybersecurity in the electoral process, and at the future of presidential elections. In the process of this pandemic by Covid-19 many countries have had to reinvent themselves to carry out their electoral processes in the required period; have had to implement the […]

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