Regret Locker the malware of 2020.

Regret Locker

Malware is always on the prowl, looking for sensitive information. Find out more about Regret Locker and its dangers to your personal data. The hard disks of our computers are perhaps the most important part to us; since in that place we store any valuable information about our work, memories; important documents etc. There are […]

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Juice-Jacking and the dangers of public charge.


Know the definition and how to deal with juice-jacking, a new danger in public loading zones. Find out what it is and how to stay protected! Since the invention of the cell phone and the updating of technologies; a series of changes have occurred that have resulted in the progressive dependence of humans on mobile […]

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Mobile application security and its impact.

Mobile application security

Mobile applications are becoming more and more indispensable in our daily lives and even for our work, but what about mobile application security? The habituation of humans towards cell phones and devices in general has had an uncontrolled increase together with the development of new technologies that make some daily functions easier. According to the […]

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Ethical hacking, good or bad?

Ethical hacking

Hacking seen from the point of view of computer security, allies or dangerous practices… Learn more about ethical hacking. When we hear the term “hacking” we probably associate it with theft or a malicious action. However, there are benign applications for these actions, since there are people who use these skills for good, usually ethical […]

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A Look at Cloud Computing and IT Security.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing presents a very useful tool for both workers and personal use; however, it presents several problems that can be counterproductive. Every day millions of pieces of personal data are inserted into the virtual environment, data ranging from IDs, bank accounts, social security data; and more. All with the purpose of having a backup […]

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The dangers of phishing in organizations.


The greatest vulnerability of organizations is the people and the doors to the illegal entry of your organization, is phishing. Let’s learn why! The world is becoming increasingly automated; replacing people who have performed different tasks for decades with much more efficient and economical machines. However; there are tasks performed by humans that are simply […]

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Vishing: an imminent threat to 2020.


Information theft tactics are becoming more sophisticated; cybercriminals are on the lookout for extracting information. Learn about vishing and how to avoid it. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic; companies have been forced to surrender certain security standards when implementing telework. These standards include personal verification of the worker’s identity, as well as the […]

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The low concern of companies for IT security.

IT security

Why do some companies not care about IT security? and why is it so important for all companies regardless of their size? Find out! Nowadays on the internet there is a lot of information, e-commerce, digital companies, social networks; among many other things. Therefore; there are many threats and attacks that put at risk all […]

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Know the banking trojans and their dangers.

banking trojans

Banking Trojans are the biggest threat to your digital money, stay tuned to find out what you can do to keep your money safe from cyberthieves! Users who are online are exposed to multiple computer threats from cyber-criminals who seek to perpetrate their attacks on unaware users. Among all the sensitive information that a user […]

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Data encryption and ransomware, Watch out!

Data encryption

Ransomware and Data Encryption in the Enterprise – Find out how it poses a threat to organizations and how you can secure all your valuable business data! For many authors; the greatest asset of a company is the information, they represent an important value like other assets; and likewise its loss represents consequences for the […]

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