Use of the program update verification in cybersecurity.

program update

For security or functionality reasons, a program or application should receive an update periodically. Here we will explain what a program update is about. There is a high risk for companies to expose themselves by not updating their programs. Failure to update them would serve as a gateway for cybercriminals to access the devices and […]

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10 behaviors that are a security risk for enterprises.

security risk

What can we do if the main security risk of my company is within my own organization? Stick around and learn how to fix these security breaches. Many companies currently have a computer security system in order to protect themselves from cyberattacks such as data theft, phishing and others and to minimize ther security risks. […]

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Top cybersecurity threats for 2021, find out!

Top cybersecurity threats

In 2021, online activities are expected to continue to increase, which means more threats. Let’s learn how to combat the top cybersecurity threats. One of the consequences of the year 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic was the popularization of digital activities, from leisure to education, health and employment; were many of the activities that began […]

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Florida’s water supply under attack: Poisonous water?

water supply

Did a cyberattack in Florida nearly put thousands of people’s lives at risk? Find out what happened to Florida’s water supply. In previous posts, we have talked about how through digital transformation we have been able to apply updated technologies that change and lighten work processes that for years have been maintained in a particular […]

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DDos attacks and how to prevent them: Network security.

DDos attacks

DDos attacks are one of the most notorious attacks in computing. Having an effective network security method is the key to their prevention. Over time, cyber-attacks or DDos attacks (Denial of Service) have gone through many stages and evolutions and although today they no longer represent a major risk to our security; this type of […]

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Spying on social media and its consequences for users.

Spying on social media

Social networks are very useful, however, they have a very clear disadvantage, cyber-spy. Learn about spying on social media and its consequences. Nowadays social networks are part, practically full time in our daily life; although they do not have much time since their appearance; with the advance of technology and the passing of time they […]

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The Importance of Computer surveillance.

Computer surveillance

Monitor your information and technology efficiently; avoid scams, encryption and theft. Don’t be vulnerable to attacks and learn about computer surveillance. Human beings have always been careful in protecting what is valuable to them; as an instinct that goes from protecting the weakest in the group to taking care that their objects or income are […]

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How to protect privacy on social media.

privacy on social media.

The internet has brought many positive things to our lives; however it also brought a new risk. Learn how to protect privacy on social media. In this era where we live in a globalized world; the Internet has become one of our main tools for the development of our daily activities; it shows social life, […]

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Data leakage: How did you know that?

Data leakage

Want to destroy someone? Reveal their secrets, let’s look at data leakage and how it affects people’s lives both organizationally and personally. Information has always been a resource of great value for people in many ways, and throughout the years, it has become easier to get. Technology and Internet have contributed to make information much […]

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Digital Transformation and its influence on IT Security.

Digital Transformation

How the digital transformation has influenced humanity; including also computer security and many other aspects. Find out in this article! Everything is growing, evolving, and modernizing. The efficiency with which changes in the environment of daily life occur is increasingly rapid. The digital transformation is the main cause of this change; since technology is integrated […]

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